Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Mantel!

It is officially spring here! The unusually warm weather has been awesome. It feels so good to walk outside without a coat and take long walks after supper. I love the Magnolia trees blooming and my cute, little daffodils. It's been hard to do anything inside because you just want to absorb every minute of the beautiful weather. I did manage to get a little spring decorating in.

I found this quote by Robin Williams, it just seemed so appropriate for spring!  

I have really been into aqua and green here lately. I am also a little obsessed with Ball jars. This one was my grandmother's and I love being able to display it.

We received the,green, ceramic pitcher as a wedding present. It was one of my favorite gifts and always reminds me of that day. The white pitcher was a Goodwill find (gotta love those).

And here is the finished mantel. It's simple, but makes me happy!

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  1. Hi Melissa it was wonderful to see you. I do hope you come back to blogging as I always have enjoyed your creative projects. Thank you so much for stopping over and saying hello.

  2. Aww, you are just the sweetest and one of my favorites! :)

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