Monday, August 30, 2010

Garage Salen Days Drifting Away!

Well folks, I can tell that summer is just about over with because the garage sales are dwindling and so am I.  I love garage saleing, but I have not wanted to get up early nor have I wanted to deal with the heat. I went to two garage sales this weekend and I went to Goodwill's 50% off sale. I could have went to more garage sales but Goodwill was air conditioned.  Here are a few of the finds from this weekend.

This cabinet was the only thing I bought at the garage sales.  It was $25.00 and is very well made.  It is a lot heavier than it looks. I have a little craft area set up in our basement and I am planning on using this cabinet to store all of my supplies.  I am not sure if I am going to paint it or leave it as is. I kind of like the sage green color!

All of this other stuff came from Goodwill! The glasses were 12 cents a piece. You just can't beat those prices.  I have seen these types of state glasses all over the place in blogland and in magazines.  I only have 48 more states left to collect.

The sundae dishes are perfect for my little nieces and nephews.  They are going to love visiting their Aunt Melissa!

One for the money, two for show and three to get ready! Can you name that tune?  I just thought these glasses were too cool for words!

I got this wood tray for $2.00. I think it will look pretty with some fall decorations sitting on it!

Cute little sleigh for a $1.00! It says it was made by Hallmark cards...I think it might get a coat or two of spray paint.

And finally a little bucket that I picked up for $1.00. This is definitely getting spray painted!

I hope you are all having a good week! I am looking forward to the 3 day weekend with my family.  I can't believe summer is coming to an end. 

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

CSN Stores Giveaway II!

Guess what my friends?  CSN stores has decided to offer my readers another giveaway for a $40 gift certificate. So, here is your chance to win if you missed out on the giveaway the first time!  CSN has over 200 stores to shop from. They really have a great selection and there are so many different styles and colors to choose from.  You should really go check out their site if you haven't already. I am especially loving their bedroom furniture sets!  Here are a few of my favorites! I would love to have one of these sets in my guest bedroom, although I don't think my guests would ever want to leave once they see one of these bedroom sets. 

Love the rich color of this bedroom set!

Beautiful headboard!

Here is how you can win this AWESOME giveaway!

Visit any of the CSN stores and leave me a comment telling me how you would spend the $40. Please leave your e-mail address in the comment so I can contact the winner.

Bonus Entries: (Please be sure to leave a new comment for each bonus opportunity)

1.  Become a follower and leave a comment that you are a new follower.

2. Post something on your blog or sidebar about this giveaway and link back to Keep Calm and Decorate. Please leave me a comment letting me know about your post.  

Rules For The Giveaway:  This contest is open to US and Canadian readers. If you choose to purchase an item that does not have free shipping, you will be responsible for shipping costs. If you are in Canada, there may be Canadian fees that you will be responsible for. You must be 18 to enter.

The giveaway will end September 10th, 2010.  I will pick the winner by using a random number generator. The winner will then receive an e-mail from me and will have 48 hours to reply before a new winner is chosen. Thanks for stopping by and taking advantage of this great giveaway.  I look forward to hearing about how you would spend the $40 giveaway!  

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Winner of the Target Gift Card!

 Thank you for all of your support and participation in my giveaway! I appreciate all of my followers and your sweet comments. I must say that I am addicted to blogging as much as I am to garage saleing. Sometimes,  I just can't wait to come home after work and read all of your posts and projects that you have done.  I am so glad I  have entered into the world of blogging!

Anyway, enough of the rambling and on to the fun stuff.  The winner of the $25.00 gift card is........Jenny from Freebie Spot   If you get an opportunity you need to go check her site out...she's got the scoop on all of the good deals (including free stuff).

Also, if you have time you might want to come back tomorrow I have another fun giveaway to share with all of you. Oh, I am also working on some home projects that I will be posting about soon! :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Goodies!

First of all I would like to thank all of the blog lurkers who finally became followers. LOL!  I am so excited about all of the wonderful comments you all have left and for all of my new followers.  I just wish I had more time to visit with each and everyone of you! I truly appreciate your kind definitely keeps me inspired.

Now onto what I found this weekend.  Garage sale season is winding down here, there just aren't as many sales as there were a month ago.  It makes me sad because I LOVE garage saleing!  Oh well, that just means that I will have more time to spend working on projects I bought at garage sales.

I created a list at the beginning of the summer of things that I wanted and found almost all of them. One thing on my list that was left to find was a glider rocking chair. Our neighbors down the street from us had a garage sale this past weekend and had this glider rocking chair for sale. I bought it for only $15.00! It is real wood and is very has a new home in my spare bedroom.

I found another cloche with a very unique plate. I am not going to paint this plate because it is too pretty! I got it for .50 cents.

I found these little coca-cola bottles at an antique store for a $1.00 each.  I might have to go back and buy more. I have a little project up my sleeve with these cuties.  Don't you just love the color of them?

This is a miniature chicken dish! I don't think I had ever seen a small version of these chickens.  The dish cost $2.00.

I bought this Noah Ark's lamp for $3.00.  I love the shape of the lamp and thought it would be cute painted a fun offense to Noah and his Ark but it doesn't fit my style.

I bought this mirror at a thrift store...I think it has a paint job gone wrong.  No worries...a little Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint will take care of it.  I got this mirror for $8.00. It was a little bit more than I wanted to pay but I have not been able to find these mirrors for less than $40.00 at retail stores so I bought it.

Lastly, I found these (6) glass globes for .25 cents a piece.  I bought a new vanity light for my master bathroom and have been searching garage sales trying to find globes for the light. Patience is the key when garage saleing!

I hope you all had a good weekend and were able to come home with some cool treasures!

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Few Finds!

First, I would like to thank all of you for your nice comments about having 100 followers! You guys are the BESTEST followers a girl could ever have.  I apologize for not having the opportunity to visit you as much as I would like, but I truly do love all of your comments!

Ok, now on to what I found this past weekend!  I was able to make it to a few sales so, I really don't have a lot to report about this week. I have just been way too busy to go garage saleing.  Actually, it kind of bums me out because garage saleing is one of my favorite past times.  Don't worry though I am planning on letting loose this weekend!

Ok, I might be addicted to chandys but how could I resist? Just look past the ugly, tarnished gold. Wouldn't she be pretty with a few coats of Oil Rubbed Bronze paint?  It is a smaller chandy and I think it will look very elegant in my master bathroom. And I am not sure what is up about that cage looking thing on the top, it is coming off!

I forgot to post about these shutters a few weeks back.  Have you ever been to a garage sale where everything is free?  Well, I have been to two of them this summer. I know it sounds crazy but I can't make this stuff up folks, even if I wanted to.   I found this pair of shutters and decided that they needed to go home with me.  I am sure I can think of something to do with them.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

100 Followers Giveaway from Me to You!

Wow, summer has sure flown by fast this year!  One of the BEST things about this summer is getting to know all of you and sharing some of my favorite things with you!  I have met such a talented group of people and can't wait to see what this next year will bring. I also realized now that I should have started this blog a long time has been such a great outlet for me. I also feel very blessed to have 100 followers and I appreciate all of you.  So, in honor of having 100 followers I am going to do a giveaway for a $25.00 Target gift card.  I hope you all love Target as much as I do!

Here is how you can win:

1.  Please leave a comment letting me know that you are a follower. Sorry, this giveaway is only open to my followers. I don't want to be unfair, but my followers are the reason why I am having the giveaway.  I love all of you blog lurkers too, but I must be fair to my followers. Please feel free to become a follower I would love that too!

2.  Please leave a comment and tell me how you found my blog. Or let me know what was your favorite post on Keep Calm and Decorate!

3.  I would LOVE it if you would post this giveaway on your blog or sidebar. 

I will announce the lucky winner on Wednesday, August 25th using a random number generator! 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Goodwill Finds

The past two weekends have been jam packed with summer activities.  I have not had anytime to go garage saleing.  I did squeeze in a trip to my local Goodwill Store though.  Lucky me, they had 25% off of everything sale...what is a girl to do?  Well, when I go to any Goodwill I always come prepared. First, I go to the dishware section and then to the framed picture section and work my way through the store.  I love the thrill of finding something unique and fabulous.  Here are some pictures of my scores from Goodwill.

I thought the little bell was just too cute...I might put it outside on one of my patio's or in my kitchen somewhere.  The bottle is a 1979 vintage 7up bottle. I have been searching everywhere for a juicer and found this one. It will be perfect for making lemonade.

I thought the coral vase filler was unique!

Another spray paint project! I have so many spray paint projects going on right now....I better start getting busy painting. 

I only needed a fork or a spoon, but I couldn't decide which one I like better. I know they were less than a $1.00 a piece.

I can't resist white plates...I love the scalloped edges!

Oh and pretty picture frames!

The total cost was $13.29 for all this you Goodwill!

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

I just wanted to say Thank You to all of my followers!  I now have 100 followers and I still can't believe it!!! I never imagined that I would have so many followers. This blog has been such a wonderful experience for me and I have truly been inspired by all of you!  I am planning on doing a giveaway later this please stay tuned.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Silhouette Giveaway at Infarrantly Creative

I have to share this great giveway at Infarrantly Creative .  I am sure you have seen the projects that have been done on the Silhouette in blogland. So, You proabably already know that this thing is amazing!  Be sure to check out Infarrantly Creative's blog and register for the giveaway!