Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Goodies!

First of all I would like to thank all of the blog lurkers who finally became followers. LOL!  I am so excited about all of the wonderful comments you all have left and for all of my new followers.  I just wish I had more time to visit with each and everyone of you! I truly appreciate your kind definitely keeps me inspired.

Now onto what I found this weekend.  Garage sale season is winding down here, there just aren't as many sales as there were a month ago.  It makes me sad because I LOVE garage saleing!  Oh well, that just means that I will have more time to spend working on projects I bought at garage sales.

I created a list at the beginning of the summer of things that I wanted and found almost all of them. One thing on my list that was left to find was a glider rocking chair. Our neighbors down the street from us had a garage sale this past weekend and had this glider rocking chair for sale. I bought it for only $15.00! It is real wood and is very has a new home in my spare bedroom.

I found another cloche with a very unique plate. I am not going to paint this plate because it is too pretty! I got it for .50 cents.

I found these little coca-cola bottles at an antique store for a $1.00 each.  I might have to go back and buy more. I have a little project up my sleeve with these cuties.  Don't you just love the color of them?

This is a miniature chicken dish! I don't think I had ever seen a small version of these chickens.  The dish cost $2.00.

I bought this Noah Ark's lamp for $3.00.  I love the shape of the lamp and thought it would be cute painted a fun offense to Noah and his Ark but it doesn't fit my style.

I bought this mirror at a thrift store...I think it has a paint job gone wrong.  No worries...a little Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint will take care of it.  I got this mirror for $8.00. It was a little bit more than I wanted to pay but I have not been able to find these mirrors for less than $40.00 at retail stores so I bought it.

Lastly, I found these (6) glass globes for .25 cents a piece.  I bought a new vanity light for my master bathroom and have been searching garage sales trying to find globes for the light. Patience is the key when garage saleing!

I hope you all had a good weekend and were able to come home with some cool treasures!

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  1. You got some really neat finds this week!!! Yes! I have seen the willow tree nativity scene! It's beautiful! Crazy expensive!

  2. Those are adorable! Blogging is so much fun..we all make each other feel sooooo good, and that is a nice thing to do for one another:) Thanks for joining in. Debbie

  3. Love the rocker! You found some great things!

  4. Great fav is that cute little chicken...I have one just like it and it holds lots of wonderful memories from my Grandmother...when I was a kid I thought it was the coolest thing...don't know why!!! Thanks for coming to NTT!!!


  5. love it all, very nice. I have to get out there and start shopping.

  6. I love that wooden plate; very unusual. And what fun finding those globes - just what you wanted.

  7. Great finds! Are the Coke bottles miniature or the regular size?


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