Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Measuring Up: A Kids Table

I can't remember the last time I actually posted a project. Wow, it feels good to have something to write about. My writing skills are a little rusty so please be patient with me.  A few summers ago while shopping at an antique store we hit the jackpot and found a bucket of old yardsticks.  We had no idea what we were going to do with them, but I knew these babies (yardsticks) were coming home with us. I think we paid $50 for about 70 yardsticks, that is less than a $1.00 per stick (score)!  I love old yardsticks especially when you have a bucket of them and so many colors to choose from.

Anyway, back to my project! I really wanted to do something with the yardsticks for my daughter's room and I had been in the market for a small kids table. I loved the tables at Pottery Barn Kids but not real excited about the prices (I am cheap that way)! So, we got on Ana White's website which is one of the best places to go for DIY projects and found plans for a table and chairs. My sweet hubsy came up with the table top idea but used Ana's plans for the rest of the table and chairs. I love how it turned out and it is perfect for my almost two year old daughter.

(Sorry, this is a grainy pic from Instagram)

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  1. How Cute! I love the yardstick table top! Waaay better than the PB ones!

  2. Hey girlie Welcome back! Great to see you getting back into fun projects again. What a cute table. thanks for sharing.

  3. This is so cute!! LOVE IT!! I bet your little girl loves it! :)

  4. Awesome! I especially like the table edged with them. You were a smart girl to buy the bucket, lately I have been seeing them cost up to $5.00 each.


  5. So cute! Love the use of rulers for a childs play area!

  6. So awesome! I have been wanting to make a yardstick/ruler photo frame for a while now (to hold a picture of my dad he was an awesome carpenter). The table idea is just fantastic!

  7. That is totally adorable!!!

  8. This is great - I have a weird love of vintage yardsticks - I'm jealous of your thrift shop score!


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