Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Updating Closet Doors

I have always had a love/hate relationship with our sliding closet doors. Ok, let's say more of a hate relationship!  Our builder grade doors are cheap and flimsy. They always come off of the stupid track and just hang there broken until my husband can come put it back on track. We are trying to replace them as we go from room to room.  Of course, we don't have normal size closets so we have to special order doors. My daughter's room was the first room that we replaced the doors on. I must say she is has a pretty plush closet now. We decided we would do hollow doors for the closets and then add our own trim to make it look more decorative. It was also way cheaper to go with plain hollow doors than with solid wood doors or even hollow doors with detail. I don't really have a great tutorial to go with our project but I do have the before and after pictures and some explanation on what we did.

Let's start with the before pics:

Sliding doors...be gone!

Here are the new doors before we added the trim and drilled the holes for the door knobs.  The doors also came with a frame.

We had to cut some of the drywall to make the doors fit. No project is every easy. 

And here are the after pictures:

We added trim on the doors, trim on the wall and dummy door knobs. It looks much, much better!

We left the back of the door plain, no need to fancy it up since it is just the back. I have thought about making a growth chart ruler for my daughter to hang on the back of the door. 

We bought pieces of pine trim and cut it down to size for trim on the closet doors. We glued the trim on with Titebond and used clamps to hold the wood until it was dry. You could probably also use Liquid Nails to glue the trim onto the door.

My husband used a hole saw to drill the holes on the one side of the door. The door knobs come with a template/pattern to use for cutting out the holes so you don't have to guess.

Here are a few pics of the doors with trim.

I love the corners for the doors. 

I love how much easier these doors are to get into and I never have to worry about them coming off of the track. It's the little things!

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  1. Looks good and I bet they work better.

  2. I love these door. Great Lob

  3. I love the way you added the trim! It's now a beautiful and functional door!

  4. They look so much better! We installed similar doors in our basement and I want to carry the look throughout our main floor.

  5. Beautiful work! Great transformation! I did something similar with bifold-shuttered-doors. Adding that trim really made a difference too! Thank you so much for sharing your hard work - they look amazing!

  6. Awesome transformation! I have the same builder grade sliders and have never liked them... I love what you have done (found your blog via your link on hometalk)

  7. Better than before. :) The corners of the doors look great. Good job!

  8. I hear you. Never been a big fan of sliding closet doors. I feel like one big push can send it flying off the frame, and I’d have to spend all that time putting back on again. That, and you can’t really put anything on the way it’s rolling. The frame corners are also a nice touch. :)

    Terry Arnold @ Integrity Alaska

    1. Thank you Terry! I have never regretted replacing my sliding doors.:) I hope you have a great week!

  9. Glad to have found this! I ripped both of our doors off by our laundry room today in complete accident. I doubt they will go back up.

  10. Tack för inlägget och bra tips: även jag tror också att hårt arbete är den viktigaste aspekten för att få framgång. Kronfoster


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