Thursday, February 21, 2013


Does anybody else feel like winter is just dragging on? We had 50 degree weather on Monday and then it was cold and snow...yuck! I have been having a hard time this week feeling inspired to do anything. I have just wanted to lounge around in my yoga pants and do nothing. I am so ready for spring!!!

Anyway, here is another edition of WIWW from yours truly!

Striped Hoodie: Old Navy (I just got it in January, but they are sold out)
Black Puffy Vest: Not sure because it is 5 years old
Jeans: Levis from Kohls
Black Boots: Kohls

Oh Hi there! 

I couldn't get a close up of me wearing my earrings. I love these earrings because they look like diamond crowns. Um, you know where I got these?!?! Yep, I got them at Claire's.  Ha, I know I am way too old to shop there! They have cool stuff though and usually pretty cheap. 

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