Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall Mantel

I have really been enjoying this cooler weather, it has definitely helped put me in the mood for fall. The trees are starting to change colors and the leaves are falling. There is nothing like a gorgeous fall day! One of the things that I do every year is decorate my mantel. Sometimes, I tend to go a little overboard with the decorating. This year I decided I was going to try to keep it simple and not get every fall decoration out.  

I like a little symmetry when decorating and thought the candlesticks evened things out a bit.

I leave this chalkboard frame up almost all year long and then change it for each season. It's perfect for hanging wreaths on as well as being used as a chalkboard.

I found this old wheel at a local antique store. I think it might have cost $5.00. I think it gives the mantel more of a rustic feel.

 This little ceramic acorn came from my husband's grandma. She had an antique store and she let her children and grandchildren go through the store and pick things out before she sold the store. I might have squealed when I spotted this little cutie!

I love stacking books up and using them for decoration. This little pumpkin is also a favorite that I sit out every year. 

There you have it, my fall mantel for 2013! Are you going all out with the decorations this year or keeping it simple?

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