Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cheap Decorating Tips

I wanted to share some great tips from Garage Sales Tracker  about decorating on a budget.  This is great site to use to map out where the garage sales are.  Please be sure to check out the site and the youtube video in the post!  I hope it gets your inner-creative junking juices going.

 (Banner photo courtesy of Garage Sales Tracker)

A lot of the time when you are working on re-decorating your home you will find that it can become quite an expensive task to take on. So in these tough economic times it pays to get a little bit creative and to find places to bargain hunt. 

The first that comes to mind is a consignment shop. These stores are great because it’s slightly used goods that are marked down and being sold at non-traditional retailers so you get to find items that are rare, unique, and reasonably priced. Most consignment shops have furniture and desks that really aren’t found elsewhere. For example an Armoire/dresser that is a nice wooden piece that can be purchased at many consignments for less than $200.00. There are always a ton of dining room tables and chairs as well as vanities and a handful of mirrors to place either in the bedroom or in one of the guest bathrooms.  A lot of times you may not want to try to mix and match so some of the larger consignment shops will actually have full bedroom sets in which you can purchase and save yourself the hassle but being creative and piecing together different parts at a store is always part of the fun. 

If a consignment store is a little bit too pricey for you than the next best alternative would be to shop at a garage sale since this cuts out the middle man at the consignment shop you can often find really amazing bargains for miscelleanous house hold items such as lamps, end tables, coffee tables, vases, patio furnitue, and if you hit a moving sale you can get just about anything you can imagine for the house. 

Also if you are creative you can craft up really cool designs for the house with the miscelleanous items that are to be found at a yard sale. For example there is a lady who is known as the junk market queen who turns old trash into treasures from items found at a garage sale. You can take a handful of hard back book drill a hole in them and make it into a nice flower vase and other really creative ideas that you can see here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--87q2ofEWY
The most important part is saving money, enjoying your re-decoration, and having fun with the concept of finding great items that fit your personality!  

This article was written by Garage Sales Tracker specifically for this post.  Happy Junkin' Y'all!

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  1. This site is great, I just discovered it after they contacted me....great info to share. Your welcome for me adding that to my blog...Have a good night. Debbie


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