Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Garage Salen Finds

First of all I apologize for being MIA all week. This is a busy time of year for me at work. Unfortunately, I did not have a lot of time to go to too many garage sales. However, I always try to to fit in a few a week. On a side note, I wanted to say thank you to all of my new followers and for all your nice comments.

Now on to my finds from this weekend!

I found this folding rack that I am going to put in my spare bedroom for my guests bags and suitcases. I am going to spray paint it (of course) but I think I am going to leave the yellow and white fabric. The rack cost $3.25

I love vintage bottles...I don't know if you saw my dish soap bottle  post but I am planning on doing something like that with this bottle and use olive oil or some other condiment . The cost for the bottle was 25 cents. I am searching for more bottles like this for my collection. 

I have been on the hunt for a cloche and found this one. There are a lot of great ideas out there that my fellow bloggers have done to embellish these.   This cloche cost $4.00. 

I just loved this white jar.  I am probably going to use this in my bathroom to hide my makeup. The cost was $1.50.

This is a vintage pyrex bowl.  I love old pyrex bowls and they are so easy to clean. I paid $1.00 for this bowl.

The pumpkin cost $2.00. I like the color and design so I might not be spray painting this one. 

I found this white dish and thought I could use it as a soap dish in my small bathroom. It is kind of beachy looking, don't ya think? This dish was only $.50 cents. 

 I found this wood bowl/tray. I thought it would look great with white candles sitting on the patio or on the dining room table.  The cost for this was $1.00

Lastly, I found these vintage, christmas lights. I have always loved these chunky lights.  The cost for the lights were $1.00. 

Cost Breakdown:

Folding Rack: $3.00
Vintage Bottle: .25 cents
Cloche:  $4.00
White Jar: $1.50
Pyrex Bowl: $1.00
Pumpkin $2.00
Soap Dish: .50 cents
Wood Tray/Bowl:  $1.00
Vintage Christmas Lights: $1.00

Total Cost: $14.25

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  1. Great finds!! I have been looking for a cloche too but with no success yet! I went thrifting this weekend and unfortunately came home with nothing! So sad! :(

  2. You found some great treasures! My very favorite is the luggage rack, that's a real bargain! And I love the shell shaped soap dish too. I love anything beachy!

  3. Love your finds, especially the cloche and the white jar!!

  4. You got some great deals. Don't you just love yardsales. Most of my house is furnished and decorated from yardsales, thrift stores and flea markets. What is so great you can change your decor and not feel guilty about doing so.

  5. Ooooh, cute finds. My favourite is the cloche.

    I wonder what you're going to put in it??? :)

  6. Love all your great finds!!!! I love your pumkin and bottle for sure!

  7. You found some great things! I love the luggage rack as those aren't easy to find and especially at that price!!

  8. You always have great finds! I especially love the cloche i have one and spray painted it black. Soo cute.

  9. You found some wonderful things! I love the cloche and that sweet Pyrex bowl! :)

  10. I used to do garage sales and thrift shops until my 2 sons came along, now I have no room in the house anymore. Oh well I suppose I can resume when they finally fly the nest, great finds.

  11. 14.25 and you racked em up! I have the very same cloche I mean exact from last week! I painted the base orange and I love it. Thanks for joining in on the ROCK!

  12. Wow, great finds. I have a cloche exactly like the one you have but use it with a bordered plate and that dresses it up. I had a plant on the marble part and now I'm wondering what the heck happened to it :)

  13. Nice finds, especially the folding rack.

  14. Melissa: I have NOT forgotten about my 'award!!!' I am going to do what I have to do SOON! Please visit me at my blog? Don't be mad at me? :) Come on, you know you are a lovely person and will forgive me, no?? :)
    Gloria P.S. I have yet to even LOOK at this current post of yours, I did NOT even do so yet, because I am guilty for my procrastination!!! :(

  15. Wow, I just saw all of your "finds" and you are SO LUCKY! Or, so SMART that you found all of these treasures! I especially love that black pumpkin for Halloween - I agree... keep it BLACK! Orange is nice/regular, but I love black! (whether a pumpkin or whatever!) AND, on another of your items: YOU GOT SUCH A DEAL! You know on what one? THE LUGGAGE RACK!!! Please, please go on AMAZON.COM or eBAY, and you will see that these racks go for like $50/$60!!! Trust me, I know - because I wanted to get one for my cousin who will be visiting me! When I saw the prices out there, I said FORGET IT. So you are a very wise and great shopper to find this deal!

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