Tuesday, October 22, 2013

eShakti Blouse Review

Disclosure: I received this shirt in exchange for a review of eShakti's product. All opinions are 100% mine. EShakti is also an affiliate of Keep Calm and Decorate. 

Hello friends! eShakti  has asked me to do a review on one of their products. Are you familiar with eShakti? Eshakti is an international fashion design company that offers customized clothes for women size 0 through 36. You can have any outfit customized to fit you. They have  a great selection of clothes that includes blouses and dresses. One of the main reasons I chose the blouse that I did was because of the cute owl print.

I promise you I washed this mirror before taking pictures. :) The blouse had a cute bow around the neck and I liked how it looked with the sweater. I think the top could have been cut a little tighter around the neckline, it just felt a little sloppy. I do have small shoulders and could probably get the top more customized.

I absolutely loved the owls print. The fabric felt soft and light weight, but you will definitely need a sweater if you live in colder weather. 


Here is what the shirt looks like without the sweater. I had it tucked in when I was wearing the sweater just so it didn't look as sloppy. It looks cute with skinny jeans and boots. The nice thing about eShakti is if you don't like the length of the shirt you can choose a different length at check out. So overall, I do like this shirt but I think I would probably order a smaller size just because of how the neckline was cut on the shirt.

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  1. That shirt is so cute! I love the sweater you paired it with too :)

    Char char|treuth.com

  2. I really like the owl print....so cute!! I like it with and without the sweater....so versatile!

  3. Pretty blouse. I like it a lot!

    I always think of eShakti as being dresses. I sometimes forget they have other cute things, so thanks for the reminder.


  4. I love the shirt I will have to check them out!

  5. That owl print is so pretty! I love eShakti!

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