Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Going to the Chapel Pumpkins

I was looking at some pictures for my scrapbook and I came across these pumpkins.  I had painted them and decorated them for our cousin's wedding a few years back.  They were so fun to make and quite a hit at the rehearsal dinner.

I used acrylic paints and paint markers to do the faces. I am not very good at drawing but I thought they turned out ok.  The top hat and bow-tie is made from poster board. I just hot glued it right onto the pumpkins.  The veil is made out of tulle and her pearl earrings are little buttons that I had. Oh yes and no bride should be without her tiara.  I know they are a bit on the cheesy side, but I just had to share them.

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  1. Very creative and adorable.

  2. Theyre adorable....I love cheesy. Its fun to do things differently. Great job!

  3. Ha, I love those....cheesy yes, but ever so cute!


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