Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Topsy Turvy Herb Garden

Hello friends! I am going to share with you an easy tutorial on how to create your own topsy turvy herb garden. Let me just add this side note as a word of precaution. I am not an expert gardener by any means. I am still a newbie to anything garden or flower related, with that being said I haven't killed any herbs or flowers this year! Woo hoo!!!  Are you ready to learn how to make this? 


* 4 - 6" Tall Terracotta Pots 
* 1 - 8" Tall Terracotta Pot (For the Base)
* 1 - 3/8 IN X 4-FT #3 Steel Rebar Pin (That's exactly what it said on the tag from Lowes
* I also spray painted my striped pots with RusteOlem Flat White Spray Paint and RusteOlem KeyLime Painter's Touch Spray Paint for the stripes. You will want to use primer on the pots before you paint. The paint will stick much better. 
* Herbs or Flowers of your choice (I used Pineapple Sage, Cat Nip, Cilantro, Rosemary and Mint)

Here are the pots I used to stack on the re-bar! I already had the blue pots. I wanted a little color added to them so I painted the terracotta pots white and then used painter's tape to mark off the stripes and painted them green.

Once I had my pots painted I asked my handy man to hammer the rebar into the ground. He used a rubber mallet and hammered about two feet of the rebar into the ground. You will want to make sure you have a good amount in the ground so your pots don't fall down. 

Now here comes the fun part! We started stacking the pots by starting off with the base (the 8" pot). I started filling the pots with dirt and planted the first herb.

I then stacked the next pot on the base pot and filled it with dirt. I know it looks like that mint is crushed but it really isn't. There is actually a lot of room on the back side to grow. 

Then I add the next pot and repeated until I reached the end of the bar.

If you have some rebar that is left just hanging out go ahead and hammer it down until you are satisfied with how it looks. I also added a little planter stake to cover it up (as seen in picture below).

I used popsicle sticks for the plant stakes. I used chalkboard paint and spray painted the top with the same green spray paint from the pots. (Sorry the pictures are a little different in color. I took some pictures later in the day during the progress of the project). 

Aww, the finished product! I absolutely love how it turned out. I hope you all have a good weekend and are also able to enjoy some beautiful weather!

Also, if you are looking for another way to make this topsy tuvy planter go check out Beth from Home Stories A to Z. She turned hers into a bird bath!

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  1. :) I love this it's so creative and unique!

  2. This is such a cute idea! I would love to do this for a mini herb garden. Now I just have to find a good deal on some pots.... :)

  3. I love this project, I have seen something similar on Pinterst but your tutorial makes it easy! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Way cute...way easy, WOW, I had no idea it was that simple...I LOVE IT!

  5. Love this!! Thank you for sharing. Please join us at our Brag About It Tuesday Party and share more of your wonderful ideas.

    ~~ Thanks, Sharon & Denise

  6. Hi Melissa! I love this and I featured you over at Monday Funday! Thanks for partying with us! Pinning to our Pinterest board as well!

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  7. I made something like this for my strawberries. Its such a fun visual addition to the garden. Love how you patterned your pots. Very pretty.

  8. That is sooooooooo cute. I cannot wait to do this. Thanks so much for sharing this awesome idea. I just sent your post to every one inthe office. I would love for you to share this post at our WIW linky party.


  9. Really cute! I love the colors and the herbs instead of flowers.

    If you're interested, I'd love to have you share this at my Show & Tell link party today. http://www.gingerlymade.com/2013/06/show-tell-31.html

  10. What a great tutorial. I love your colors and the fact that you used herbs.
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    @ Eclectic Red Barn


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