Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Entering into the Land of Blogging!

Hello, my name is Melissa! I feel like I am entering into the great unknown of Blogland! Actually, I kind of feel like Dorothy Gayle after she lands in OZ. Anyhoo, I decided to start a blog to hopefully inspire others AND to be inspired by others. Decorating has always been a way for me to de-stress and to keep calm! I LOVE good deals and I love telling everybody about the good deals that I get. I am a firm believer that you can paint anything and I mean anything. It's amazing how cheap paint is and how it can make something look like a million bucks. I also like anything homemade, there is just something so unique and special about handmade gifts. And of course I love clothes, jewelry and anything that smells good! I am very excited about entering into the wonderful world of blogging and I hope that I will have at least one reader along the way.


  1. Welcome to bloggerland. There are many many wonderful people here, and scads of great creative ideas. Hope you have lots of fun!

  2. Welcome! I am pretty new here, too (less than a year). It's a lot of fun and so many nice, talented people. A nice way to experiment is to read the blogs other's have listed as their favorites to follow. Before long, you see a pattern. Have fun! Jo

  3. I love your blog! Such cute things! I am just starting out as a Blogger also. Any tips on how you got your followers? I really want people to visit my blog but i am unsure how to get them there. Thanks for all your cute ideas!


Thank you for stopping by! I really do read all of your comments and appreciate each one of them. :)