Thursday, May 20, 2010

Memories of Grandma

I inherited these bowls from my grandma after she passed away. They make me smile every time I open up my kitchen cupboard. My grandma would always make tapioca pudding for me and put it in one of these bowls (she was so sweet).  I remember feeling so special because she made it just for me! My FAVORITE bowls are those with the little pink flowers on them.

The collection was made by Fire King and I am guessing they date back to the 1950's.  

  I sure do miss my sweet, little grandma!



  1. Those bowls are beautiful but the memories are priceless :)

  2. I remember those painted dishes from when I was a young bride...where we shopped, they were a premium for buying x amount of groceries...
    Haven't seen any in a long time.


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