Friday, May 21, 2010


I must confess that I am in love with the Nikon D90 camera! If I had a few extra bucks laying around I would go buy this camera. Isn't she a beaut?  I currently have a Nikon Cool Pix camera and I like it but it just isn't the same as the D90 (sigh). I have also heard that the Canon Rebel is just as good and it's cheaper  (I like cheaper). Is there anybody that has a Canon Rebel that would be willing to share how they feel about the Canon?


  1. Hi-
    I have the Canon XSi, and I love it.
    My reason for getting it rather than the Nikon came down to cost.
    I have realized that in order to use it to its fullest potential, I need to take a class.

    The lowest price I found- without having to pay shipping was at Sam's Club.

    I also saw lower prices on Overstock.

    Good luck!

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  2. I have a Nikon D3000 and it is totally worth the money. I asked for money for Christmas last year with the sole purpose of buying the camera and it is wonderful. I've heard the D90 is a good one too. Good Luck! Hope you are able to get it soon. :)

  3. I have a Canon XSi, just got it in March and love, love, love it!! They are both really nice cameras, it took me a while to decided. What finally made me lean towards the Canon was a personal preference, I thought the Canon felt better in my hands as far as weight and grip. Happy camera hunting!

  4. Go with the Nikon! I have a D40 (maybe 80?) and I LOVE it!! Anytime I've used or bought a Canon I have regretted it. The picture print quality is lower and they're harder to learn to use. All my friends who have Nikons love them, too. I think the name "Rebel" is the only selling point - it sounds cooler, more trendy. Go with the Nikon!


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